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The Services BwC Provides

We proved and work with a lot of great companies and contractors who are dedicated to uplifting and empowering businesses owned and/or operated by women, people of color and members of the lgbtq+ community. We offer the following services to individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses alike:

- Office Administration Services

- Business & Clerical Support 

- Finance and Payroll Services 

- Temporary Job Placement Services

- Staffing Support Services

- Construction Site Support Services

- Corporate Landscaping Services

- Corporate Cleaning | Janitorial Services

- Media & Marketing Production Services

Services we provide with the help of some of our affiliates:

BDP Entertainment Group (BDPEG)

- Production Services (pre/production/post)

- Scripting (film/TV/podcast/manuscript, etc.) 

- Social Media & Marketing

- DiP Creation (digital intellectual property)

- Casting & Crew Services

Ground Floor Publishing (GFP)

- Book Publishing (traditional/paper/epub)

- Graphic & Website Design

Hollywood Performance Academy & B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (HPA | BTA)

- Coaching & Training services (adult & youth)

- Internship | Pre/Apprenticeship Creation

Hollywood Blackdoor/Backdoor Alliance United (HBAu)

- Fundraising/Crowdfunding (for profit or nonprofit organization)

- Corporation Organizer/Management

MoochiePop Promotions

- Event Creation (pop-ups, fairs, festivals, etc.)

- Promotions & Advertising

- Event Photography/Videography

If We Build It, Ltd.

- Construction Supplies (i.e., drywall, nails, screws)

- Installation, Reh & Repairs Services

We love collaborating with talented entrepreneurs, small businesses, independent contractors and/or freelancers. If you would like to work with us or find out more about the services listed above, please contact us for more information. We also offers job training, certifications and placement after completion. Be sure to inquire if interested. 

BwC and its Affiliates are Equal Employment Opportunity employers.

Click here to see our current job listings.

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