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Come work with BwC

We are always on the hunt for talented new team members. If you are currently seeking employment in one of the following areas:

1) Administrative | General Office (managers and assistants, virtual, traditional, executive, etc.)

2) Accounting | Bookkeeping (certified accountants, payroll professionals, bookkeepers, etc.)

3) IT | Computer Technician (certified or willing to train for certification)

4) Graphics | Website Design (certified or willing to train for certification)

5) Cyber Security | Data Analyst (trained or certified)

6) Project Management (managers, assistants, apprentice, etc.)

7) Landscaping (day laborers, foremen, etc.)

8) Construction (day laborers, installers, rehab, repairs, etc.)

9) Corporate Office Cleaning (housekeepers, leads, experienced or not)

10) Event Promotions (certified planners, staff, security, etc.)


11) Marketing | Social Media (managers, assistants, apprentice, etc.)

12) Advertising | Promotions (managers, assistants, apprentice, etc.)


13) Film Production Staff (PAs, UPMs, filmmakers, other crew members)

Please contact us. Whether you have a ton of experience or new to the industry, please send us your current resume and a simple cover letter, letting us know what type of work you are seeking (feel free to list the number tot he corresponding position or industry from above). Once our representatives has review your resume/cover they will reach out to you A.S.A.P. 

                                Please send your documents to:

NOTE: We offer training programs, pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and other certificate programs, many free of charge or reimbursements available.

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