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Welcome inside the BGM

The Black Girls Metaverse (BGM | BGirlsMetaverse | BGMeta) is a community where Women, BiPOC and member of the LGBTq+ community can commune to discuss and uplift US! We talk money (conventional and cryto), love, life, family, games, art, humanities, social justice as we see it and it effects our lives. 

Our Mission: to uplift the BGM community to create real social change!

Purpose: to empower the BGM community in an effort to be seen and end marginalization!

People Served: the BGM community is all inclusive... don't let our name
fool you!


Connect with us on social media:
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Coming soon... BGMeta Brand     BGMetaWorld      BGMetaGames    BGMetaCoin

bosslady pic110.jpg
BGMetaverse collective
Image by Clarke Sanders
Representing Her/She/We/Them
Love is Love
We rep love for all people
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