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BwC is a strong network designed to uplift and empower people in the business world, job market and the creative arts. We have our hands in staffing, development, management, building, distribution, events and much more with companies such as:

BDP Entertainment Group (BDPEG), a full service media & marketing production company., seeing projects from idea to production and on through the distribution/merchandise/streaming stages.

Ground Floor Publishing (GFP), an independent publisher (paper books along with ebooks). Look no further than GFP if you are a published author looking for more promotions for your book and want to start a book campaign or for those interested in learning how to become a published author or self-publish their own book(s). GFP helps new authors get published.

MoochiePop provides event management & promotions, while Black Sundry Distribution supplies as well as moves physical products across the globe.

PodcastBeast, streaming audio & video podcasts across multiple platforms - ultimate freedom of speech venue. Services ranging from creation to production to promotions and distribution. Whether you have a podcast or want to start one, this is the place to go.

WebChannel Network, a global streaming site for indie productions (films/TV/web/stage events/etc.), listing shows and channels across Roku, FireStick and Apple devices.

BwC also works with the not-for-profit organization Hollywood Blackdoor [Backdoor] Alliance  United (HBAu) to create educational and career opportunities accessible to underserved and under-represented people through their business and careers facilities, the Hollywood Performance Academy (HPA) and the B.O.S.$. Theory Academy (BTA). Here they have taken learning into the metaverse and allowing stars to emerge. Speaking of metaverse... be sure to visit our BlackGirlsMetaverse page where women of all colors and ages can let their creative juices flow.

The BwC mission is to connect with those who matter... and that's everyone! Come work for or with us (click here to find out what services we provide or how you may be able to assist). We look forward to collaborating with you in the coming future.

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